I am taking a class this afternoon at SSC! This is a first for me. The class is called Landscape Quilting, and although I am not planning a quilt by any means, one certainly could incorporate all these elements into their quilting projects.

The teacher is Heather Grover, and here are examples of her work. The detail in the Grain Elevator quilt is incredible.

Here is a small wall hanging

A close up of the same piece. Heather uses a lot of texture and three-dimension in all of her work. This little bush is actually raffia, sewn down with decorative threads.

My landscape won’t be this spectacular, but I will share what I have done so far

First, here are the fabrics I have chosen

 Here is the layout, which I drew on paper, the traced over it on fabric. It’s going to be W Easters. Falls in Hamilton…hopefully it will be recognizable!

We laid the appliqué press sheet over the fabric and laid out the pieces on it, then pressed them all together, right on the sheet. The sheet is Teflon, so you can use an iron right on the sheet and it won’t burn. Plus the whole fabric piece will peel off when it is finished, so you can then put it on the fabric.

 Here’s the fabric all laid out. You just want to lay out basic shapes, n detail…we will do that tomorrow with threads and fiber.

In the meantime, Heather is laying out a coverd bridge landscape picture

Just to give you a preview, here’s how we create shadow, by layering sheer fabric, in this case tulle, over the rock fabric to make it appear like the rock is in the shadows…like under the bridge. I had to use 3 layers of dark brown tulle to get the shadow effect I wanted!

Today I will be working all day on this waterfall….and loving every minute of it!

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