In my last post here, I showed you how we assembled the cups on our logo bra. We got this far along – the constrast colour is inserted into the seaming of the cups.

We added a ruffled edge by cutting off a bit of some lace trim, gathering it on the machine, then sewing it to the top edge of the cup.

Then we added a facing to the top. It keeps the edge of the ruffled lace from scratching us (or our lovely hard-working mannequin, Ashley)

Here’s the facing sewn

That edge required understitching to keep it flat

Then we added the foam cup liner and tucked it right up to the understitched edge.

To hold the foam to the cup without any stitching showing to the right side, we opened up the cup (the pins go through the facing and the foam but not the cover fabric).

We zig-zagged the foam to the facing.

The result is a nice roll-over edge that shows no stitching on the outside of the cup and yet the foam is still secured to the fabric.

Here is the inside of the cup – we trimmed the excess off the facing. We “could” have hand stitched the facing to the foam…but we didn’t.

Now that the cups are done, we stitched around the perimeter and inserted them into the band as we usually would. There is nothing new here. But the straps are a little different. Here’s a close-up. Where did we get that two-toned strap elastic? We made it!

We used our Fold-over Binding which is 3/4″ (18 mm) when laid flat, and a piece of 5/8″ (15 mm) Strap Elastic and combined them to make the straps.

We simply stitched them together with two lines of stitching on the edges.

The back side. Yes, the strap still stretches a little bit, even with the straight stitching.

Then we attached it to the front of the cup with hand stitches around the slider) We wanted the strap attachment to be as invisible as possible.

So here it is.. on our real-life model!

I hope this post inspires you to be creative in your bra-making. As always, I welcome your comments!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,


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  1. Cvetak
    Cvetak says:

    Wow, this bra is so beautiful, i presume this construction offers the ability to easily adjust if necessary?

  2. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Beautiful! I haven’t had the nerve to try anything too fancy yet – butterfly lace is as fancy as I get so far. I did do lovely double straps once, but that was because I made a pair of really nice thin straps, then realized they were far too small for the strap extension I had painstakingly finished, so I made another pair and overlapped them to fill the space! I really enjoy the creativity involved in bra making.


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