I designed our business logo several years ago. I’ve always loved the bra style that I used, even though it is not a style in my pattern line-up. It is a multi-seamed vertical balconette cup with a ruffled upper edge (that’s a mouthful!) I decided that we should have a real-life version of that bra, for a display in our store. So, our ever so talented Denise set out to replicate our logo bra.

First, she started with a foam cup made up in the size that fits our mannequin (we call her Ashley). Then we pinned it to her and marked the style lines directly on the foam. If you were doing this for yourself, pin the foam cup to your existing bra so you can judge the shape and style lines. We wanted this to be a balconette style so we lowered the top edge quite a bit. That bit at the top will get cut off after. Don’t forget to mark some notches.

We cut off the unwanted top part and cut the pieces apart. Before cutting, we numbered them (they all look alike after you cut them!)

Next, we made the paper pattern for the foam pieces with no seam allowances on the interior seams

The pattern for the fabric needs seam allowances added to the top edge and the internal seam lines.


Sewing the cups together

We chose a dusty rose satin for the main part of the cup and a black cherry microfibre for the contrast pieces. At first, Denise cut the fabric for the contrast piping as a rectangle, but after testing what it looked like, we both agreed that a tapered piping would look better.

She used our old friend, the glue stick to adhere the piping to the seamline,

and glued the other side.

Then she stitched it down. That kept the piping panel from going wonky. Next, she glued on the next rose coloured panel. Again, glueing helps to keep the layers of slippery fabrics from going wonky as you stitch.

After stitching…

Trim off the excess seam allowance. This is where the duck-billed scissors really shine!

Here’s the cup of our logo bra assembled

Stay tuned for part 2, where we finish our logo bra!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,

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  1. Starr
    Starr says:

    Was going to write, “it’s going to be beautiful” but it already is! Can I have a little finger’s worth of Denise’s talent?


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