It’s something every bra shop carries. We sell them in various sizes and in three colours (white, beige and black). Yes, I carry them, but I don’t like them. In fact, I hate to see women wear them! What are they?
It’s those infernal (not the strongest word I could think of!) bra back extenders. Here’s the problem: your bra band is killing you – it’s sooooo tight. In fact, you want to rip it off your body the minute you get inside your own home. I can only imagine that’s what this gal does when she gets home!
So the hook and eye people made what appears, at first glance, the perfect solution. They made a bra back extender. By adding a second hook and eye that is removable (no sewing or alteration required), it will add a couple of inches to the bra back and that, as they say, is that. Problem solved!
Not so fast! Is this really a solution, or to beginning of a new problem? Because the extender is actually a hook and eye set that adds width to the centre back, it will push the shoulder straps out too far to the shoulders, causing them to fall off. If you have wide shoulders, this may not be much of a problem, but if you have narrow or sloping shoulders, then the straps will almost always fall off your shoulders. So now your bra band is a bit more comfortable, but you won’t notice how comfortable you are because you are pulling your straps off your arms every 30 seconds.
If you can sew, lengthening the back band to add some width without having the straps fall off the shoulders is not a difficult task. But women who don’t sew don’t have many choices. Aren’t you glad you sew?
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    Anonymous says:

    I have sloping shoulders and have a problem with the straps falling. Would love to have you address this problem, the bra fits great every place else.


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