Have you enjoyed the Challenges we’ve presented in the past? Well, here we are again with a whole new set of challenges for the season starting September 2022 and running through June of 2023. Our theme this year is “Brallywood”. The lights, the stars, the BRAS that shaped Hollywood! Yes, we challenge you to be inspired by the movies to create your own look based on that month’s vintage Hollywood or iconic movie look.


Here are some teasers to get you thinking about the months ahead:

September: Are you ready for the big audition? We’ll teach you how to audition fabrics for your garments and then, challenge yourself by using unconventional materials to make any bra, underwear, corset or swimwear.

October: The HORROR of it! Whether it’s a classic thriller or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, bring some scary to life this month. Whatever strikes terror in your mind!

November: Your Leading Man has a supported role this month. Make him some manly underwear to show off your sewing skills.

December: Putting on the GLITZ! This month could be anything sparkly, or with sequins, jewels, or anything shiny! Show us your inner glamour girl!

January: This is Golden Globes month (no pun intended, haha) Use the colour gold…anywhere on any intimate apparel.

February: Snuggle down this month with a good Rom-Com, and your favourite Vintage Hollywood Bombshell or Love Interest. Be inspired by Romance!

March: Let’s pause for a BRIEF moment and talk about briefs. Yep, this month is all about underwear. Be creative, whether it be over the top or classic grannies.

April: Gone with the …WIRES (you thought I would say Wind, didn’t you?) Make any non-wired Sports Bra, Bralette or Ingrid wireless pattern.

May: The Bra that Loved Me. Draw inspiration from spy movies, whether James Bond or Austin Powers.

June: Congratulations on completing the challenge. We are using The Graduate for inspiration, particularly “that” animal print bra set worn by Ann Bancroft. Animal prints it is!

The Rules are Simple!

The rules for the Ultimate Bra-making Challenge are, as always quite simple: the garment must be made in the 12 months preceding the challenge month. It can be any type of intimate apparel, made of any fabric, using any Pin-up Girls pattern or instructions from our many books. It doesn’t have to be for you, and it doesn’t have to be modeled on a real person (although if it is, be sure that person is ok with us showing the picture on social media.) We ask that you submit the photos and a short description of the garment (including what pattern you used, and what construction details we should know about) to [email protected] before the last day of the month. One winner will be chosen by random draw after the first day of the following month on Facebook Live.

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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Your previous challenges pre-dated my finding my way to lingerie-making, your range of Craftsy classes, and/or this website. But, across my last two years of lingerie-learning and making, I’ve read each of those posts, admiring the beautifully creative and inspired (and, of course, inspiring!) makes posted by regular home sewers, like me (!) But I often wondered if I was enough like THEM to be so creative in responding to a specific prompt. I’m delighted to read that you’re once again organizing a year of monthly challenges, and I look forward to participating and, hopefully, also getting to know (or at least recognize) those who contribute with some regularity! I love that each month’s challenge can be tied into a movie-focused theme! How fun! I’m not much of a movie buff, but my hubby is! I think it may be fun to involve him in some of the brain-storming and possible project planning. He loves finding ways to support my passion for sewing and this strikes me as a fun way to involve him more actively! Eagerly looking forward to the start! More soon!


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