How would you like a trip to Europe? Of course, you do! Even better – how would you like a trip that embraces the things you love – like Lingerie, Lace and …(maybe) even Latex? Hmmm? We are offering (in conjunction with Triple M Tours) the tour of a lifetime to cities in Europe known for Lingerie, Lace and Latex! The best part is that you get to travel with other bra-making enthusiasts – women just like you who make their own bras and underwear and who are also interested in textiles, their history and their mystery.

I am honoured to host this tour, along with our tour guide, Debra from Triple M Tours, which is set for September September 23 to October 5, 2018. That will get all us Canadian girls home just in time to put the Thanksgiving Turkey in the oven!

This tour will start in London, where we will have a chance to visit some gorgeous Fashion Museums. I’m also going to be giving a lecture for tour guests and new bra-making friends in the UK (you’re welcome!)  Even if you aren’t on the Lingerie, lace and Latex Tour, you can still register for the UK class! While in London, you can go to Harrods, catch a show, or go on the London Eye in your free time.

We are also planning an optional (but magical) outing to the Warner Brother’s “Making of Harry Potter” studio tour (yes, the costumes too!) just outside London. Let Debra know if that’s something you’re interested in because she will facilitate the ticket purchases.

As an added bonus, those of us interested in Downton Abbey have planned an optional trip to Highclere castle. You’ll walk the rooms where the actual TV series (and now the movie) were made. How much fun is that? I hope Carson and Mrs Hughes have the place ready for us!

Sewists and non-sewists alike are welcome. As you can see, we have lots planned for the non-sewists (men or women) to keep them out of mischief! We have also planned a visit to the Lace History museum in Brussels. We are actually going to make our own lace in Bruges! See the video here. Don’t worry – we’ll be doing the beginner level lace!

In Amsterdam, we have a full day latex class with Amber from Latex Repair. Those of us who have worked with latex before will have a different project than you see here. Beginners will have their choice of panties, and bra, or a skirt and vest. Here are some bras from the class last year. Yes, you get your choice of colours!

You have a free day to go to the art (think Van Gogh) or diamond (think de Boers) Museums or to the Anne Frank house or to the city markets. Or do all of it! Here’s what some would say is the best part – Amsterdam wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the Mother of all Lace Stores, Kantjeboord! Here’s a  photo I took when I went last year! Could I go again? Let me tell you…I could go there once a month!


I am giving you the link to the Triple M website here so you can see all the fabulous details of the Lingerie, Lace and Latex Tour. The Triple M website is where you register for the tour.

Deb’s also going to create an exclusive “VIP” guests only page on Facebook, and we’ll add guests to it as they register. There’s also a Facebook group for the meetup and lecture in the UK, so tour guests and local UK bra-makers can connect. That link is here.

Debra and I are looking forward to seeing you in September…in Europe! Don’t delay – register today!


Your Fairy Bra Mother


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  1. dpsharpe
    dpsharpe says:

    This sounds like an absolute blast! However, being allergic to latex, as well as cup size, has had me hesitant to actually make my bra pattern and find notions. I LOVE your Craftsy classes, and have watched them several times. I just need to get the right supplies! Thanks, Deb


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