New Band Elastics

We made a commitment over a year ago to have all the same style of band elastic available in our 14 stock colours. We chose these new band elastics because we knew their firmness would be good for all body types and for all sizes.
That goal has now been realised with the arrival of our latest colours – platinum (yes, it really is a nice grey colour and matches our duoplex and power net beautifully) and black cherry (burgundy).
The new band elastics are firm enough that even the largest sizes will feel supported. The elastic does soften up upon washing but it never loses strength – just the stiffness from the manufacturing sizing process.
The style numbers on the “new”band elastics are as follows
EB-372 – 3/8″ or 9 mm elastic
EB-472 – 1/2″ or 12.5 mm elastic
EB-672 – 3/4″ or 18 mm elastic

However, some of you wrote to ask if we were still going to carry the “old” style elastic, more specifically the EB-37 (3/8″), the EB-47 (1/2″) and EB-67 (3/4″). The answer is YES. We have the “old” style back in stock in limited colours. But we have committed to carrying white, beige and black and the new stock has arrived!

This is great news for those of you who loved our “old” softer elastic but still want some colour choice. If the demand is there, we will carry more colours.

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of our men’s underwear elastic! The picture does not do it justice at all! This 1.5″ wide (37 mm) elastic is soft and thick, just perfect for making up a pair of the new supportive men’s underwear. The product code for this elastic is EP-137.98 (available only in black)
The same elastic could also be used on the Kerri sports bra, along the bottom edge of any of the views offered in that pattern. You couldn’t have to cover the elastic inside a tube of fabric either – as the elastic is nice enough to be exposed!
You could even use it on pajama bottoms! It is easy to sew on – just overlap the edge of the elastic over the fabric by 1/4″ and use a three-step zig-zag (or even your cover stitch machine) to secure it. If you pull on the elastic just slightly as you are sewing, you will build in a bit of tension on the waistline for a more professional fit and look.
So now we have some new band elastics, some new “old” elastics and some new wide band elastics!
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  1. eforshopping
    eforshopping says:

    How wonderful to have these new kits coming. They're beautiful colors, and I look forward to using them. And the elastics for the men's undies too. So many things to sew…


  2. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    As soon as the channeling, hook & eye and the sliders & rings come in, we will be offering kits in both greay and the black cherry, bringing our selection of kit colours (with all the matching components) up to 14!


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