• EN-14 – Feathered Stretch Elastic Trim

    $2.00 per Metre
  • Red Men's Underwear kit Bra-makers Supply

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit

  • Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit and Pattern

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit with Pattern

  • For header of Big Book Bundle

    Big Book Bundle – Books by Beverly Johnson

  • Sweet Heart Bra Kit

  • North Star Scuba Quartet

  • maxine performance stretch fabric FT-629463 pink purple from Bra-Makers Supply fold shown

    FT-629463 – Maxine Performance Stretch Fabric

    $30.00 per Metre
  • EN-82 – Turquoise Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim

    $2.50 per Metre
  • Gilded Poinsettias Scuba Foam Quartet

  • Vinyl And Nickel Detachable Strap Sets

  • CLEARANCE Six Inch Yellow Blue Floral Stretch Lace BOGO

  • stretch crochet elastic trim EN-13 lilac or Pantone 17-3834 dahlia purple from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    Stretch Crochet Elastic Trim – Roll

  • plush waistband elastic sports bra elastic EP-137.98 from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    EPR-137 Plush Waistband Elastic Sports Bra Elastic Roll

  • three eighths of an inch or 9 mm panty elastic lingerie elastic ET-03 light-beige from Bra-Makers Supply 1 metre roll shown

    ETR-03 – Panty Elastic Lingerie Elastic Bulk Roll

  • ES-25 Skinny Satin Strap Elastic Bra Strap Elastic