• three quarters inch 19mm Strap Elastic turquoise ES-6 or three quarters inch 19mm Satin Strap Elastic bachelor button Pantone 14-4522 from Bra-makers Supply satin face shown with loop

    Beautiful Brights Satin Strap Elastic 10 Meter Hanks

    $15.00$18.75 Sale!
  • metal corset grommets or two part eyelets BS from Bra-Makers Supply product photo

    BG – Metal Corset Grommets Two-Part Eyelets

  • size 2 three eighths of an inch or 10 mm grommet setting dies BGD-38 from Bra-Makers Supply top view shown

    BGD-38 – Grommet Setting Dies

  • size 2 five sixteenths of an inch or 8 mm grommet hole cutting dies BGH-56.2 from Bra-Makers Supply front view shown

    BGH-56 – Grommet Hole Cutting Dies

  • grommet setting press BGP-03 from Bra-Makers Supply side front view shown

    BGP-03 – Grommet Setting Press

  • metal grommet tape or metal eyelet tape from Bra-Makers Supply

    BGT-100 – Metal Grommet Tape Metal Eyelet Tape

    $15.00 per Metre
  • heat shrink spiral boning cover BHS-25 from Bra-Makers Supply on boning shown

    BHS-25 – Heat Shrink Spiral Boning Cover

  • For header of Big Book Bundle

    Big Book Bundle – Books by Beverly Johnson

  • BL-2 – Corset Lacing Cord

    $1.50 per Metre
  • BL-5 – Braided Corset Lacing Cord

    $1.50 per Metre
  • Bluebird Blue Trio Bra Fabrics Pack With Ombre Lace

  • lightweight flat spring steel boning BM-01 from Bra-Makers Supply

    BM-01 – Lightweight Flat Spring Steel Boning

  • heavyweight flat spring steel boning BM-50 from Bra-Makers Supply

    BM-50 – Heavyweight Flat Spring Steel Boning

  • Red Men's Underwear kit Bra-makers Supply

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit

  • Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit and Pattern

    Boxer Bamboo Underwear Kit with Pattern