While we were in Amsterdam with the European Lingerie Tour (I wrote posts about each stop in London, Paris and Amsterdam), we made a stop to what must be the Mother of all Lace Stores. Yes, ladies, we went to Kantjeboord, in Amsterdam. I did not include it in my recent post on our travels in Amsterdam, as this lace store deserves a post of its own. The store is set into a small plaza with a fish market, of all things, and not much else around. You can see in the reflection, the apartment building opposite and several of us taking photos of the window!

Inside was like looking inside Aladdin’s cave. We knew how great that was because we saw Aladdin in London, and it was magnificent! There is Jane, Julie and Cheryl checking out the embroidered tulles in the racks in the centre of the floor. Two racks, each the size of a sheet of plywood, full of embroidered laces. Can you imagine that?

They had displays of lingerie everywhere. By the way, this rack is filled only with neckline trims!

And this display over part of the stretch lace racks…the selection was out of this world.

Here’s Jodi (my room mate). She’s in Heaven! The other Jodi is behind her, with Jane and Maureen at the back.

I checked out the fabric room (or part of it at least)

The displays were the best part…although the racks of “only” white and black trims was impressive too! There were whole racks of strap trims, band elastics and neckline trims, not to mention bins of channeling colours!

I was treated to a special visit to the “inner sanctum” – the classroom where she teaches. I saw this really neat idea for the classroom sewing machines. Stick on labels indicating the best stitches for bra-making. I must do this for our classroom! Their basic bra-making class runs 5 days, 3 hours each, and the first 3 hour session is spent sewing on samples of elastics and laces, to ensure perfect sewing results. If you go for a class here at Kantjeboord, plan to spend a week in Amsterdam so you get your 5 days in! Beware, they only take 6 at a time, and they book up almost a year in advance.

One of the display bras showing how effective the mix and match can be. Almost every bra had matching lace panties. Dutch women are serious about their underwear!

Here’s our group – still smiling after 3 hours of lace shopping! The owner of Kantjeboord, Paula is on the left side and her daughter is next to her. It’s a family run business, with the husband in there too. He was the one taking the photo!

Here’s a peek at what I bought. Some for me and some for each of the staff. Sorry, ladies, this was not a buying trip for Bra-makers! Some of the others in our group (not mentioning any names!) bought 10 times the amount I did. They recognised that they were in the Mother of all Lace Stores and shopped accordingly.

Paula said if ever they got a bus load of shoppers to their store, they knew they had arrived. Well, that day certainly came for them when 20 of us landed at Kantjeboord! Many thanks to Paula and her family for having us all there. Here is their contact ifo, if ever you are in Amsterdam. They are only open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am until 4 pm and Saturday from 11 am until 3 pm.

Your Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly


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  1. Cecilia Nilsson
    Cecilia Nilsson says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I live in the Netherlands since 23 years but can’t remember when I last went to Amsterdam (only live 45 km away). I had no idea this existed but now I have the perfect excuse to go to Amsterdam.

  2. Gail
    Gail says:

    Thanks for the in depth article. I am so envious. We are planning to be in Amsterdam for a couple of days in October and had hoped to visit the shop, but unfortunately we are there Sunday, Monday and leaving early Tuesday morning so it won’t work out. So glad you mentioned the shop hours. Guess I will have to keep dreaming of this shop hoping to make a visit a reality some day.

  3. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    I am so jealous!! I have nothing so fabulous anywhere near me. I suppose its just as well, I’d be a permanent resident in the poorhouse. What a wonderful trip! Something for the bucket list…..

  4. Alice
    Alice says:

    What a lovely blogpost on Kantjeboord, I did miss it being mentioned in your earlier post on visiting Amsterdam. The pictures of the store are a great sneak peak of the shop, but it is much more overwhelming when you are actually there.
    Can you imagine how happy I am that I can visit Kantjeboord whenever I like to add some bra and lingeriemaking supplies to my stash 🙂
    Greetings from The Netherlands, Alice

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      I loved that store and would happily be locked in there overnight with a sewing machine!


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