Our last Bra-makers Challenge of 2019 is Snowy and Snuggly. We encouraged you to make warm and comfortable underwear, and many of you took us quite literally! Here are our Snowy and Snuggly Winter Challenge Entries.


White lace over pink foam, self-drafted pattern, cookie inside lined lower cup. A very delicate looking bra with amazing support! One daughter had to be told it was Mom – made even though she saw it in progress. The other daughter says it fits good!


Ladies, here is my final submission this year.  I had a few foam bras to submit but I am most proud of this one. I made this for a client.  It was to be worn under a bridesmaids dress.  Not only does it fit her perfectly, she says it is so comfy and wears it regularly (with the removable straps).  And most importantly she did not have to keep hiking it up throughout the night!! 


For my snugly and warm entry, I made a pair of matching sleep tees. 


Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters, My entry for December is a pair of capris in a super cozy snowflake print microfleece using the PUG Princess Tankini pattern. They have been modified with cuffs to keep them from riding up at the ankle. They also have side seams because they are made over from the PJs of a deceased loved one.  Hoping that these will be this winter’s new favorite snuggly undergarment.


Sonia here from Québec, Canada! Here is my entry for December. When I read the theme of the challenge this month, my imagination went crazy, I thought of a leather, fur, Viking kind of bra… then reality came in and ruined everything… my schedule was too busy this month! So I ended up sewing a Christmas gift bralette for a friend doubled with cut and sew foam. It was a two in one project! And everybody was happy! 


Hard to believe another year is done. My December Snowy and Snuggly submission is Mother and Daughter sleepwear. I’ve used a super soft cozy winter penguin-themed brushed poly (I couldn’t resist) to make a nightie for me and sleep shorts for my daughter. The nightie is a lengthened Wendy bra in a tank pattern with no interior bra while the sleep shorts are a generic pattern. 


This was supposed to be the Shelly bra in a 34 F, to fit me. To stay within the December theme, I opted to use a flannel fabric that had different colors and I wanted it to look like a warm snugly quilt.
I was really careful when working with the fabric so it wouldn’t fray but I think I was too gentle pulling the elastics as I sewed then on. Also, the fleece doesn’t have any give, so the cups were too tight on me as was the frame. In the end, the bra is too small and I wouldn’t call it a success but I am improving my construction techniques. It’s probably the last time I’ll use a woven fabric for the bra cups. At least I learned and hopefully won’t make the same mistakes again next time. 
I’m really happy I entered the Bra Makers Challenge this year. I tried to do different things and learn different techniques and I did reach that goal.  Most of them saw the seam ripper multiple times, but I do see improvement. 🙂 There are some makes I really love and have worn quite a bit, so that makes me happy and I’ll call it a win.
Thanks for this opportunity. 


For the final challenge of 2019, I decided to make a Sweet Sixteen bra out of athletic fleece. It is so cozy and warm. To make sure I got the full comfort of the fleece against my body, I used sheer cup lining on the outside of the frame and power net on the outside of the band/wings, so the entire inner part of the bra is fleece. It will definitely keep me warm on these cold days headed my way!


This year’s challenge was so fun, and I feel like the upcoming challenge for 2020 is tailor made for me!!! Here is my final entry for 2019. It’s boring but cozy.


It’s the last day of the year and finally Snowy and Snuggly in Michigan – a good day to send in pictures of my dog, Bobbin’s, new winter coat, and my new industrial strength bra.  Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous.  Both are made from cozy sheepskin.  (Vegan sheepskin, actually.  Did you think Bobbin would wear the skin of animals?)  The bra is a PUG Classic, and surprisingly, was not as challenging in this fabric as I expected.

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