For bra-makers the world over, one day is associated with a gift of lingerie, and that is Valentine’s Day. But hold on…if your bra drawer looks like this, do you really have room for more? If they all fit well, and you wear them, yes, there is always room! But what about the bras that don’t fit you well, have “something” not right about them, or you are just sick of lookin’ at them…what do you do with those bras? Enter Dead Bra Day!

Dead Bra Day – the day where tired bras get cleared out of your drawers for good. Purge your drawers of ill-fitting, worn-out or otherwise unloved bras on Dead Bra Day, February 13, the day before Valentine’s day and not feel guilty about it!
You can salvage the old bras for parts for new bras you are planning (just be sure the wires are your correct size and not bent out of shape!)
or re-purpose them (a swanky purse, perhaps?) with instructions here
What about a fancy hat? Re-purposing old bras such as this can be great fund raisers for charity!
If the thought of cutting them up just feels wrong to you, why not donate the gently used ones to a woman’s shelter? (after all – they didn’t fit you, but they might fit someone else!) There are many charities that will accept donations of gently used bras, including Soma. Read about their bi-annual bra drive here.
For the well and truly dead, you can use them to decorate a tree in your yard! 
Or do some Bra Bombing like they do the fences in Bradona, New Zealand! (this is their equivalent of yarn bombing!)

It doesn’t matter what you do, just clear those dead bras!

This year, celebrate Dead Bra Day, Saturday February 13 along with Bra-makers the world over. Start sewing now and spend Valentines Day (and the rest of the year) in a lovely new bra you sewed for yourself!
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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    Cardrona is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit! But I don't know about boots on fences here…I do know they sling tied sneakers up over telephone wires and electric wires!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I harvested from my old, dead, and ill fitting bras the day after I took your class. They were in a pile as i had just bought some new ones. But now that I'm gonna make my own, I kept the pieces I could use and threw those sorry looking dead ones out!

  3. Lyndle
    Lyndle says:

    Great suggestions! It is hard to throw out those not quite right ones because they generally cost lots of time or money or both. Goid reminder. Great to see the bra fence making a mentin. The place is actually Cardrona, Bradrona on the sign is a pun. The sign came after the bras, not before. We have a long tradiootion here of putting worn out boots on farm fences. Does Canada have something similar?


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