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I feel the same way…how about you? Do you threaten anyone who dares to use your good fabric scissors? Comment if you know others who feel the same way!

Monday meme cutting paper fabric scissors

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  1. Elizabeth Stough Ridenour
    Elizabeth Stough Ridenour says:

    When I got married, I explained a few basics to my husband:

    1. If you use my sewing scissors on anything but fabric, you buy me a new pair. They cost THIS much. Myth or not, Engineers can come up with crazy things, way beyond paper to cut. But they are also super handy to have around for when my sewing machine goes on the blitz.

    2. If you get helpful (he is very helpful, and does all kinds of house chores without asking) and wash and dry the dedicates, you have a decent chance of ruining half my clothing. Depending on the season, it could easily run $500.00 to replace those items.

    This man understands money. He has never used my sewing scissors for anything other than fabric. And has never done anything to the delicates 🙂

    Now the OTHER scissors? Lets just say that sheet aluminum has been cut in this house on more than one occasion.

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      Funny how the direct approach works well with men! Marital bliss is sometimes only one good explanation (or veiled threat perhaps…lol) away from most folks!

  2. Gale Bulkley
    Gale Bulkley says:

    Modern mass manufactured paper no longer contains the stuff (grit, twigs, etc.) it used to. Some scissors manufacturers say that using their scissors on paper does not affect the blade because of this. Of course, this would exclude some papers that could contain uncuttable bits, perhaps some handmade papers or those manufactured with an uncertain content.

    • Beverly V. Johnson
      Beverly V. Johnson says:

      I did talk to Gingher about this myth and it is exactly that. Once upon a time, when paper had more impurities, shall we say, then using scissors to cut it would be dulled the blades. But with today’s rolled, bleached and perfect pages, there is no risk at all. However the myth lives on. Definitely I do not cut cardboard with my good scissors, as that IS a no-no!

    • onatrammas
      onatrammas says:

      Paper, cardboard, electronics wire, fiber tape, after being used for things like that my good scissors only want to chew through fabric. Myth or no myth, scissors used ONLY for fabric stay sharper longer. My guy gets my scissors for an hour and I need a new pair. Even if he puts them back I KNOW


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