Lingerie laundry bags are an inexpensive and helpful laundry tool.  In my opinion, you should have a few on hand whenever you head to the laundry room. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you need a Lingerie Laundry Bag:

You will avoid stretched straps when straps get wrapped around other garments. Stretched straps are a frilly nuisance you can live without!

No longer will your bra hooks damage other garments in the same load. Everyone has had the sick feeling when a bra hook is snagged in a lovely sweater.

Eliminate the single sock syndrome. Much easier to sort and you won’t have to use this (although it is cute, isn’t it?)

Keep nylon stockings or long socks from getting tangled and twisted with other clothing. When I used to wear nylons, washing them by hand was the bane of my existence. So I washed them by machine. The result – a knot only a puzzle master could sort out!

Avoid having to hand wash delicates, by using the ‘hand wash’ cycle and cold water. I don’t like hand washing and haven’t done it for many years. See above story!

Keep items not intended for the dryer separated from the rest of the load. Just remove the bag and throw the rest of the load in the dryer.

Pre-shrink smaller pieces of fabrics such as bamboo so they won’t twist in the wash. If making panties especially you do not need a lot of fabric. Pre-wash the fabric in the size you need.

Put items with Velcro (such as baby bibs) into a separate bag so the Velcro won’t snag other clothes.

You can keep cut pattern pieces and everything you need for a project in a mesh bag to keep them organized. Oh yes, knitting too to keep your cat from chasing the yarn around the room!

Avoid purchasing bags with drawstrings, which can easily get wrapped up or hopelessly tangled on bra hooks.  Choose bags with zippers instead, preferably a plastic or nylon zipper that tucks away under a zipper garage, like this one below. (which just ‘happens” to be the one well sell here.

Be sure to not overfill your bag.  Garments need to be able to move around to get clean. It is much better to have several bags half-filled in a load than one over-filled bag. In fact, there are some who wash one bra per bag.  A good rule of thumb is to designate one or two foam cup bras, or two to three regular bras, or three or four pairs of panties per bag.

Keep a separate bag for washing sneakers or slippers. A bag keeps them together and they don’t bang around.

Once you start using the bags, you’ll find that you will need more than one. And at our price, they are as cheap to buy as they are to make!

As always, I welcome your comments!

Your Fairy Bra Mother (and no longer a hand-washer!)

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  1. Kwick Packaging
    Kwick Packaging says:

    They are quite simple to find in the laundry and remove for line drying. I’ve discovered these in a few big-box retailers, usually around the washing supplies. Although the prices at the big box stores are better, I originally found them at the Container Store. The only thing that didn’t work was a zipper, which I had to replace.
    Bra Boxes

  2. JenL
    JenL says:

    I totally agree. I have a variety of laundry bags that I have used for years, including a cylindrical shaped one that is great for bras.

  3. Judy Williams
    Judy Williams says:

    For years I have been using “specialized” bags for my bras. They are doubled sided with space for one bra on each side plus they come with your “zipper garage “. So far I’ve not had any issues with wires getting bent or hooks getting caught. They have fine mesh which I think keeps them totally safe. They are so easy to spot in the laundry and pull out to line dry. I have found them in several big box stores usually around laundry stuff. I originally found them at the Container Store but the prices are better at the big box stores. Only failure I had was a zipper that decided never to zip up again so I replaced it.


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