Well, here I am in Denver! I just finished filming TWO new classes for Craftsy, plus I stayed over the weekend for the first ever Instructor Summit. There is so much going on here, but first, let me tell you how I got both Lost and Found in Denver! The Lost part is – I LOST my IPad!
Friday morning, I overslept and had to check out of the hotel in such a hurry that I somehow left my iPad behind. I didn’t notice its absence until after 6 pm that evening when we wrapped up the filming of the second class of the week. I called the hotel but housekeeping had gone how for the night! Yikes! Thank goodness I was going to still be in Denver for the weekend but at a different hotel, so at least I could check on the search progress on Saturday.
I always thought it would be a piece of cake to live without technology for a period of time, but now I am not so sure. I couldn’t answer emails, I couldn’t take photos of the summit, and worst of all, I had nothing to read in the evening before going to bed! Can you believe the hotel gift shop doesn’t sell books or magazines? What’s up with that? Thankfully my wonderful producer Karen tracked down the iPad (Karen, did I mention you are wonderful?) and delivered it to my waiting arms this morning!
So now that the Lost was Found, here are some photos from the summit. Do you know they set up a knitters lounge? What a great idea to be able to knit out yarns you may not be familiar with! I FOUND some great stuff!

Next, they had vendors of yarn and fabric there too!

They gave us some great swag in the form of quilt fabric jelly rolls and swatch packs!

I may try my hand at socks again…maybe with a little help from the socks class from Craftsy! I still haven’t finished that pair from the Stitches Conference I started 15 years ago!

Here’s some of the great swag I FOUND in my room! Not one but two tote bags, a lingerie bag, tape measure, battery pack,, pencil case…I will use it as a sewing tools case!, and some great post it notes!

Here’s my favourite thing….check out this zipper with its fancy edges! Can’t wait to use this on a top! Courtesy of Coats and Clarks!

The best part was meeting up with new FOUND friends and other wonderful Craftsy instructors! In addition, my Craftsy questions have been answered and I am up to date (I think) in my emails. Best of all, I am going to supper at the Spotted Dog with some other instructors. I was both Lost and Found in Denver now…all is well!! Has Lady Luck been kind to you this week?

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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    I will say this…both classes are scheduled to release before spring, maybe even before the end of February if all goes well. One is another bra class, and the other is something everyone has been asking for!

  2. Beverley
    Beverley says:

    So glad you found your iPad, I too would be lost without mine, especially as I use it in my work room to access classes I've bought as I'm working on a project. What I really wanted to say is I'm overjoyed to hear you have recorded two new classes, like many others I'm sure, I've been pestering Craftsy about having you back to do more! Any idea when your classes will be released?


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