Baby Doll (pajamas) were all the rage in the 1960s. Women of a certain age will remember (with fondness, hopefully) all the frilly styles that were especially appealing to teens and young women. The Baby Dolls almost always had a full skirt, often with a ruffle along the bottom edge. They were feminine to the core.

One thing the original Baby Dolls did NOT have was bust support. Since they were designed as sleepwear for younger women, the need for support was not even considered as part of the design.

However, I think we can agree that bust support is a really good idea, especially for the larger busted ladies out there. So our Design Team put their thinking caps on and came up with how to make Ingrid into a modern interpretation of the iconic Baby Dolls.

Ingrid is one of 2nd most popular bra (our Classic is the best seller). No wonder – Ingrid offers full support with no wires and is available in a huge size range.

We wanted a full skirt like the original Baby Dolls, but wanted to keep the straight band under the cups. We did a little design change to the front. By overlapping the seamlines on the front pieces, we were able to re-draft the front panel like this

We decided to add a sexy touch of Ingrid by making short tabs with clear rings to place along the side of the front panel. We needed a stretch fabric for the front panel so we used 2 layers of Matte Glisonette. We’ll add a lace up detail later.

The Meghan lace is lined with sheer cup lining for really good, but lightweight and breathable support.

The skirt is double fullness, which made it a rectangle. We gathered that and sewed it to the bottom of the band. The seam is in the back, and we left that open for a few inches to make it easier to get on and off.

The back fabric is cotton spandex (a good colour match for the Meghan lace) is narrowed to accept a 1″ (25 mm) swim clicker but we could have easily used a g-hook. We had to add a little bit to the length of the back so we had room to sew on the clicker.

After the Ingrid Baby Dolls are done, you can lace up the front. Notice we used sheer ruffle trim along the neckline of this Baby Doll.

We also used peach strap elastic with some of the same sheer lace trim along the centre to stabilize it.

Lastly, we made a pair of cotton spandex panties to complete the look of our new Ingrid Baby Dolls.

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