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Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Cup Covers

Now that the bikini bottoms are almost finished, it is time to start the cups and the cup covers. For this classic retro-styled Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, I am using the MT triangle cups from Bra-makers Supply. Even though foam cups would not have been used in the 1960s, today’s beach bunny wants form inside […]

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Stitch and Flip

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Stitch and Flip Today I started the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I used the Denise Swimsuit (view A – tank style) and cut the bottom off the tank suit for the bikini bottoms. The bottom of that suit is quite flattering and I thought it would lend itself well to a bikini bottom. I […]

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Polka Dot Fabric

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Polka Dot Fabric Do you remember the song from the 60’s “Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini“? Well I do, and one thing has puzzled me for years. Was the “yellow polka dot bikini” in question made from fabric that had a yellow background with white or other colour of polka dot fabric? In […]

Magic from your Sewing Machine

Magic from your Sewing Machine I often issue a ‘ready-to-wear” challenge to the students in my professional bra-making classes. The assignment is to duplicate the look and styling of a ready-to-wear bra. Marsha Barr of Bra-voh Custom Bras was recently inspired by this RTW Freya Arabella Bra. I adore the look of this bra! Can you […]


Blog readers might want to know more about our famous Boob Camps. Yes, Boob Camp! Five days of sewing bras for yourself without the interruptions of your everyday life. No meals to prepare, no dogs/cats/kids/husbands wanting out/in/out/in etc. (cue the Angel choir here!) Just you and your sewing machine off to a mini getaway. You […]


Splitting the Lower Cup

Splitting the lower cup often allows better use of fabric when the quantity is tight. More importantly it allows you to change the DOGS for better support, especially on the heavier or larger breast. It is easy to split the lower cup and it does not matter if the original pattern is for a full […]

Canadian Band Stand

Canadian Band Stand The last time the big 4 (North American bra companies) sat down to “standardize” sizing (and I use that term very loosely) was in the 1970’s, when the “average” bra size was determined to be 34B. Now it’s up to 36C, and climbing. The outcome of the meeting was that there should […]

If I were stranded on a desert island

Years ago, I worked for a decorative embroidery thread company (Sulky) doing educational seminars all over Canada. I was, in Husqvarna VP of Education Sue Hausmann’s words, an “edu-tainer”. I used to use the phrase, “if I were stranded on a desert island….” and then I would go on to tell my audience about the […]

Fitting Room Confessions

Fitting Room Confessions I wish I could be a fly on the wall in a bra fitting room. I would love to hear what women really say (or think) when trying on bras in the dressing room. Given that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, I expect there might be fitting […]

The Beauty of Pantone

Ever wonder how manufacturers get all the colours in the materials they are buying, to match exactly?  They use a Pantone colour chart!  If you don’t know what a Pantone colour chart is, stick around while I show you the Beauty of Pantone! Pantone made a chart of over 1900 colours for fashion and home […]

Field trip to Ann’s

Swim Masters has started off well with a field trip to Ann’s Fabrics on the second day after all the swim theory on the first day. To say they were impressed with the selection and the prices is a BIT of an under statement! Here are the things they bought!

Better than B

Better than B I hear from lots of women with breasts better than B (let’s not call them “smaller”) who are totally frustrated when shopping for bras. If you a B-cup or larger, and reading this with a smirk, thinking – what do they have to worry about – let me enlighten you. A-cups and smaller […]

Underwire Size Chart

Underwire Size Chart On our website at www.bramakers.com, we have a complete underwire size chart, drawn out to their actual size, complete with measurements around the perimeter from tip to tip. If you print off these wire charts, you can match up a wire from your collection to see what size it is. If you […]

Cut and Sew Foam – Trimmed Foam

Cut and Sew Foam – Trimmed Foam In the second method of making foam cups, the Cut and Sew Foam Trimmed Foam Method, is a little different than treating the fabric and the foam as one layer and sewing it together. In this method, the fabric is cut the same as usual but we use a […]


The Famous Downward Hike

The Famous Downward Hike The downward hike band is one of the nicest touches you can add for your bra wearing comfort. It is easy and not too time consuming to do, and can be done on both the full and partial band bra patterns without any trouble. It’s become famous (in my opinion) because […]

A Bra that Fits

A Bra that Fits No matter who makes them, bras have a few components that are common to most. A bra that fits needs cups to contain the breasts, a band to hold the cups up to the breasts and a closure of some sort to keep it fastened around the body. The bridge is the […]

Cut and Sew Foam – Lamination

OK, you want to try making your own foam lined cups? Lamination is the simplest one to try. In the Cut and Sew foam lamination method, the fashion fabric and the sheet foam are stuck together and treated as one layer throughout the construction of the bra. In lamination, the fashion fabric and the foam are […]

Cut and Sew Foam – the fabric

You want a foam cup, but haven’t access to seamless foam cups? You can still have the look by using cut and sew foam fabric. This fabric will make a foam cup that cut and sewn together along the cross cup seam (hence the name cut and sew). This is most useful for making foam cups under […]

Seams in your Bra Cup

Seams in your Bra Cup Unless you have access to seamless pre-formed foam cups – it is very likely that you will use seams in your bra cup to make the fabric fit over the breast. Don’t be disappointed! The very best European bras, such as Lejaby, and La Perla use seaming, and they never […]

Let it Snow!

Let it snow! When I was younger, my mother would get all excited about the day after a snowfall. If it snowed hard, the kids would be home from school, under mom’s feet. It wasn’t that day that mom looked forward to. No, sir.  It was the day after the snow fell (and we were back […]

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Slide Lock Adjusters

Slide Lock Adjusters Once upon a time… in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan (now that’s a long return address!), a student in one of my bra classes asked me if I carried or could get a strap adjuster that she particularly liked, called Slide Lock Adjusters. It was on her ready-to-wear bras but now that she was going […]

Determine the Wire Size

Determine the Wire Size On our website at www.bramakers.com, we have a complete set of all our wires, drawn out to their actual size, complete with measurements around the perimeter from tip to tip. But how do you determine the wire size you need? It’s not difficult with a few tips from the Fairy Bra Mother. […]