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Big Boobs and Soft Belly

Big Boobs and Soft Belly Swimsuit season is fast approaching. In our part of Canada, the Victoria Day weekend is considered by many to be the first for swimming (yes, the water is still cold!) No matter when you start swimming – it’s time to dig out those patterns, shop for some spandex and start […]

National Nylon Stocking Day

National Nylon Stocking Day Break out the hosiery and grab your garter belt! It is National Nylon Stocking Day on May 15. It’s the day we celebrate the invention of nylon stockings, that much is obvious. Today, mostly we wear panty hose, but what did women do before nylon was invented?   Many may not […]

Bust Out the Bras Bra-making Contest

Bust Out the Bras! Bra-making Contest Announcing our first ever – Bust Out the Bras! Bra-making Contest. The Bust Out the Bras! Bra-making Contest is open to all bra-makers, regardless of experience! It is a DIGITAL contest so no bras will have to be shipped to us. Just photos of a bra you have made in […]

National Bombshell Day!

National Bombshell Day Mark those calendars, you vixen you! May 7 is National Bombshell Day. Yes, the first Saturday of the month of May is a day reserved for recognising and celebrating the bombshell in all of us! So pay attention Bombshells – your day is coming right up!   But, you may ask…what’s a […]


Peachy Pink Lace Bra

Peachy Pink Lace Bra Here’s just the thing for spring – a peachy pink lace bra. This one was featured in the Craftsy Class  – Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond.  Let’s go Behind the Seams to reveal its drafting and construction secrets. Features of this Peachy Pink Lace bra include lace edging on the […]

National Zipper Day

National Zipper Day Today is National Zipper Day. And it is high time someone recognized its true worth and give the zipper its own National Day.  It’s been a long way up for the humble zipper, the mechanical wonder that has kept so much in our lives together. Today in the garment industry, we take […]

Get Started in Bra-making!

Get Started in Bra-making! If you want to get started in Bra-making, but feel like you are lost in a maze of information, don’t worry. Here are some blog posts that will get you moving to the finish line! Just click on the link to take you to the individual posts. Don’t worry about losing […]

Bra-making in your Pyjamas!

Bra-making in your pyjamas If you are hesitant to start bra-making on your own, why not take an online class with the Fairy Bra Mother herself, in these top-selling classes through Craftsy. Once you buy the class, you can access the class to watch anytime,  forever. You can even start bra-making in your pyjamas! The […]


Alpha to Omega

Alpha to Omega You may have found that you buy a bra only to find that the wire is way out toward your underarm and pokes you? Or after a few hours (or minutes) the wire slides down your rib cage. Often, there is a flat area of fabric next to the wire where the breast […]

Navy Multiple Strap Bra

Navy Multiple Strap Bra Time for another peek Behind the Seams! This time, a close-up look at what I call the Navy Multiple Strap bra. This bra was featured in the Craftsy class Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques (I can’t believe there are 30 different techniques in that class!) Before we get to the obvious use […]

And now for something completely different…

And now for something completely different… I remember I used to watch Monty Python (what a hoot!) They had this series of skits called…and now for something completely different! So to steal a line from British comedy, this latest post is not about bra-making at all, but a fun little project I did last week. […]

Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra

Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra Whew! What a lengthy title for this lovely bra – the Pink and Black lace Foam Cup Bra! What’s prettier than pink? Only pink teamed with a multi-colour pink and black lace! Featured on my third Craftsy bra-making class, this Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra showcases pre-formed foam […]


The Giraffe Print Bra

The Giraffe Print Bra I’ve received several emails about the “Craftsy bras”, or more specifically, the bras that were made for and featured on my Craftsy classes. I guess people want to see them close up and in more detail than was shown in the filming of the classes. So I am doing a series […]


New Band Elastics

New Band Elastics We made a commitment over a year ago to have all the same style of band elastic available in our 14 stock colours. We chose these new band elastics because we knew their firmness would be good for all body types and for all sizes. That goal has now been realised with […]


Shamrock and Black Lace

Shamrock and Black Lace It is St. Patrick’s Day and what better way to say Top o’ the mornin’ to ya than with a beautiful Shamrock and Black lace bra! This is an unusual and vibrant colour but what the heck…after a long winter, we all want to see something green! And shamrock green and black it is! A balconette bra made of […]

A SPIRITed day

Today we spent a  day touring Barcelona, and what a spirited day it was! Not one but two basilicas were on our list of must-see places here and they did not disappoint.  First was the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in the Gothic Quarter. The pictures do not do it justice at all. What gorgeous stained […]

A Tapas Tour

Our first day in beautiful Barcelona with our group of bra-makers. We joined some of the people from the quilting group to go on a tapas tour.  Can you spot Rebecca, Margaret, Yolande and Denise in this picture? What’s that, you ask? Tapas is the Spanish word for bite size appetizers that you find in […]


Sewing Swimwear!

Today, on Leap Day 2016, my newest Craftsy class Sewing Swimwear: the Supportive One-piece has launched! You can watch the trailer here… What will you find in this Sewing Swimwear class?   how to choose a swimsuit pattern and  appropriate spandex fabric. Sometimes the fabric choices seem to be overwhelming but with some guidelines, you’ll fear the […]

Kwantlen Polytechnic

Kwantlen Polytechnic I’ve spent the week here at Kwantlen Polytechnic University teaching the next generation of designers hoping to work in the intimate apparel industry after graduation. And while I can’t complain about the winter we’ve had in southern Ontario up til now, February in Vancouver just has to be better than February in Hamilton! Here’s the […]

On the job with a bra-making instructor

A second video made by the Canadian Press, called “on the job with a bra-making instructor” and again, I totally missed it on You Tube! Students Holly, Sophie, Julia, Jessie and Adrienne to name just a few, and our own staff member, Rebecca. You guys are stars!

Continuous Bias Strips

Continuous Bias Strips This is not a technique that is strictly bra-related however every now and then you might have a use for making miles of continuous bias strips (think decorative bias trim on corsets, perhaps or in home dec such as upholstery, slipcovers, valances or cushions) You “could” cut the strips then sew them together […]

Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond

Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond Banish boring bras from your wardrobe! Elevate your skills as you learn techniques for adding style and support with lovely lace, flattering foam cups and more in Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond, the latest in the series on Bra-making by Beverly Johnson Discover how to make a lace bra […]

Horizontal Hocus Pocus

Horizontal Hocus Pocus As promised in this last post, I am sharing with you how to convert your Classic Bra to a horizontal seamed cup. If you want to do that, stay with me for background theory.  It’s not magic or horizontal Hocus Pocus, just good solid bra theory! There are hundreds of thousands of […]


Heather in Red and Black

Heather in Red and Black With the launch of the most recent online class through Craftsy, I decided to do a regular blog post on the bras created for the lessons. But you may not recognize some of them…as I will be featuring them in a different colourway than was used in the filming! This one for […]

Dead Bra Day – February 13

For bra-makers the world over, one day is associated with a gift of lingerie, and that is Valentine’s Day. But hold on…if your bra drawer looks like this, do you really have room for more? If they all fit well, and you wear them, yes, there is always room! But what about the bras that don’t […]

Dissecting Ulla

After my last post about Cloning Ulla, I wondered how the pattern of the cloned bra compared to my Pin-up Girls Classic Bra pattern. As you know, the Ulla bra company is known for their large cup sizes so it would be interesting to see what makes them tick. Besides, when it comes to bra […]


Cloning Ulla

Recently a student brought me an interesting challenge. She purchased a ready-to-wear bra and wanted one just like it, but not necessarily the same fabrics. I call this… wanting something the same, only different! Her bra was a European sized at 34K and it certainly did fit her nicely. But could cloning Ulla in a 34K […]

American Bra-making Convention

The class schedule for the very first American Bra-making Convention has been finalized and I am proud to share it with you! The convention will be held in beautiful Salt Lake City! I am thrilled to be going there with our American distributor, Camille from Sweet Cups Bra Supply!   For more information as to location, […]