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How to turn stripes into Chevrons

The dictionary defines a chevron as “a line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V, especially one on the sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service.” Today, I am not going to show you how to make your own sergeant’s stripes, but rather how to turn stripes into […]

How to Make a Trimmed Neckline

How to make a trimmed neckline Don’t you love this beautiful neckline? A tiny sliver of red peeks out from the edge. How did we do it? I’ll show you how to make a trimmed neckline. It’s easy with a couple of secret weapons every sewist should have in her sewing room.  Start by assembling the trim […]

How to Make Trimmed Straps

People always ask if there is something a little more exciting and creative when it comes to bra straps. After all, the Classic bra “only” has fabric straps with elastic trim down each side. You may tire of that after sewing a few bras!  If you are hankering for more play time in your sewing room, […]

Bra Design and Draft

Are you trying to get a ready-to-wear bra line going, but you do not want to use commercial patterns? Do you want to start a custom bra business with specialised sizes and shapes? Our Bra Design and Draft class here at Bra-makers Supply could be the secret to your success. We teach you how to draft a bra, […]

Bra Fit for Every Body

Do you have a sewing business where you are asked to make a bra for someone? Do you wish you had more experience fitting? We teach a class which teaches you how to fit a bra pattern to a woman’s unique body. We call that class Bra Fit for Every Body. It’s a catchy title […]

Canada Cups Posts for Saturday

Canada Cups Posts for Saturday Here are the links to the Canada Cups posts for Saturday September 17. I hope you have been enjoying the tour and you haven’t missed a single one of them! Today’s posts are the last posts, but tomorrow we have the final wrap up post and some fabulous prizes. I’ll […]

Canada Cups Posts for Friday

Here are the Canada Cups posts for Friday, September 16. Don’t forget to enter the give-away! Friday, September 16 Wild Stitch Rachel tries her hands at designing her own assets & So does her Cross Country BB Jess with an interview (guess who?) Valérie est du rétour avec une entrevue de Blackbird Michelle takes us to a secret spot […]

Canada Cups Posts for Thursday

Canada Cups Posts for Thursday Once again, I am posting the directions to the Canada Cups Posts for Thursday, September 15. You’ll love  the bind they find themselves in today! Will I have to go to untangle the cords, or can they do it themselves? Thursday, September 15 Karin gets chaotic (twice!) with corsets at Mrs. Weaver’s […]

Canada Cups Posts for Wednesday

 Canada Cups Posts for Wednesday Here are the links to the Canada Cups posts for Wednesday, September 14!  Remember, folks, to stay with us through to the end of the tour for a chance to win additional prizes from our awesome sponsors: complete kits to make your own bra, bra and swimsuit-making classes, fabric, and […]

Canada Cups Posts for Tuesday

Canada Cups Posts for Tuesday, September 13 Here are the links to the Canada Cups posts for Tuesday, September 13! Don’t our bloggers logos look great? Lisa fits right in as a new Pin Up Girl & Her Bosom Buddy, Shelaine, also makes her first bra Rachelle gets up close and personal with Carrie from […]

Canada Cups Posts for Monday

Canada Cups Posts for Monday Here’s a short post to save you a little time hunting and clicking to find the Canada Cups Posts for Monday, September 12. Don’t forget the give-away and the discounts! Monday, September 12 Valérie, la Élégantine, gets us airborne with some lingerie of her own,même en français &Her Bosom Buddy Michelle S. […]

The Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay

The Canada Cups – Cross Your Heart Relay Would you like me to wave my magic wand and send you on a trip across Canada? You would? How about a magical trip where you also be learning all about making your own intimate apparel? Are you in? Join me as I take you across Canada and into the wonderful […]

How to Sew a Gothic Arch

How to Sew a Gothic Arch Of the things you can do to your bra to make it instantly more comfy and more stylish, the Gothic Arch has got to be at the top of the list. Bot only is it attractive on and off the body, it can keep the elastic from rolling up. […]

National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day Friday August 5th is National Underwear Day! If you’re like me, your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear in case you were “in an accident!”.  The thought of having strangers having to remove your dirty underwear is a sobering thought when you are 8 years old. Now that I am older, I know there are […]

Recognize a Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch One of the most recognizable shapes in ancient architecture is a Gothic Arch.  It symbolizes strength, and serves as support for the structure above it. All the early architects understood that the Gothic Arch was an integral part of the support system. However, to recognize a Gothic Arch in a bra may not be so easy. A […]

Almonds and Bulges

I like to make up words for my students so they remember the technique associated with them more easily. (Do you remember what DoGS means?) So when it comes to fitting bras, it’s no different.  So lets’ talk about Almonds and Bulges… In dressmaking, when we need to remove fullness, it is called a Dart.  […]


How to draft a Garter Belt

How to Draft a Garter belt Garter belts were an essential foundation garment – there were no stay-up stockings, nor had panty hose been invented yet. Putting on a garter belt was an everyday activity. Not today. Garter belts have entered the realm of sexy vintage lingerie. Obviously you want one! I’ve seen many patterns […]

National Get to Know your Customers Day

National Get to Know your Customers Day The third Thursday of each quarter is National Get to Know Your Customers Day, which means July 21st is all about you!  With the advent of the Internet and big box stores, much of the personal attention has gone by the wayside. Sometimes they don’t even have real people answer […]

Monday Meme

Monday Meme I feel the same way…how about you? Do you threaten anyone who dares to use your good fabric scissors? Comment if you know others who feel the same way! #sewing #fabricscissors #bramakers#bramakersupply #mememonday #craftsy #sewyourownbra

National Tape Measure Day

National Tape Measure Day On July 14 measuring twice has extra meaning.  It’s National Tape Measure Day.  You didn’t know? Shame on you! The common Tape Measure elevates to an almost Regal Status on this day. Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, Connecticut made the lives of carpenters, electricians, seamstresses as well as countless other tradesmen and craftsmen […]


Can We Make a Seamless Swim Bra?

Can We Make a Seamless Swim Bra? The summer is here! And what better way to celebrate summer than with a custom swimsuit you make for yourself? I have no doubts that your hand made suit can rival the suits you buy in the shops. The question is,  can we make a Seamless Swim Bra like we see in expensive […]

Open House at the Enchanted Castle!

Open House at the Enchanted Castle! Considering I was an absolute “wreck” the week before, our Open House at the Enchanted Castle Saturday June 25th turned out to be the most fun I’ve had in a looong time! Why do I call it the Enchanted Castle? What else would you call the place where the Magic […]

Working on the new website

Working on the new website We’ve been working on the new website and really, this post is to test some settings. It’s also to check to see if anyone is looking! If you are reading this, we would love it if you would let us know about any extras you’d like to see. You may have concerns about […]

Bra-making Contest Entries!

Bra-making Contest Entries! We have chosen the winners of our first ever digital bra-making contest! And you’ve certainly outdone yourselves. We’ve received some amazing photos of some beautiful bras. First I would like to thank everyone who sent photos of the bras you made – I know the timeline was short but you stepped up […]