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Behind the Scenes at Nancy’s Notions

One of my fondest memories was of my mom and I stopping for our lunch at work, then taking some time afterward to watch Sewing with Nancy on public television. That was one of  few sewing shows available to us on the east coast of Canada and we loved it. Imagine my surprise when 30 […]

3 ways to make a corset

If you are making a corset or waist cincher for the first time, you might follow the pattern instructions and think that’s all there is to it. But did you know there are at least 3 ways to make a corset? That’s right – three different ways to seam your corset and lining and sew […]

Hop to it Challenge Entries

Once again, we present our amazing and talented customers and their  Hop to it Challenge Entries. I must admit,. that the end of the month was getting closer, and there were very few entries! However literally, the last day, and …poof…we had a lot of submissions. So thank you to all this month. now let’s […]

Shape Up for Summer

How would you shape up for summer? Some would be exercising, or gardening. That’s not what this challenge is about. Last month’s challenge was all about activewear so we can’t use that theme again. The month before that, we did swimwear, so that’s not it either. And this isn’t a gardening blog, is it? No – […]

12 uses for Sheer Cup Lining

Sheer Cup Lining is useful stuff. It is light and see-through and stable as well. I am sure you use it for lining cups (after all – that’s its name…) But there are many uses for Sheer Cup Lining that you might not know about. Here are 12 uses for Sheer Cup Lining. 1. Use Sheer […]

March Challenge Fashion Show

Our theme for our March Challenge was Splash into Spring, for which we asked you to make swimwear of any type, colour or fabric. I can’t believe how many of you had never tried making swimwear prior to this month! That’s what a challenge is all about – pushing yourself out of your envelope and […]

Hop to it!

Have you entered our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge yet? Well, ladies, hop to it! Our challenge for April is to use an activewear pattern and make it using performance fabrics such as Maxine, Supplex, Wickable fabrics or Active Cotton. You can combine the fabrics, and the patterns to make your own leggings, sports bra, activewear tops […]

An Easy Cover-up

Picture yourself at the beach in your lovely new swimsuit…but you would like to walk along the beach to take in the sunset. Do you take your walk in your swimsuit, bikini or monokini? Or do you go back to the hotel room to change? Here’s the ideal compromise – an easy cover-up to make […]

A Big Book of Swimwear for all!

I’ve been wanting to write a much more in-depth book on swimwear since I wrote Make & Fit Swimwear some years ago. There wasn’t any book on the market that went into the fitting, design and construction of all types of swimwear, including tankinis, monokinis or even bra bikinis. I decided to write what I tentatively […]

February Challenge Fashion Show

For the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge 2018, we asked you to make intimate apparel from RED stretch satin. You did not disappoint us! Here is our February Challenge Fashion Show! I’ve tried to keep the entries in first-name alphabetical order. First up is Agnes H, from Hungary. She emails “ I have been sewing for 30 years for […]

Spring Splash

Are you thinking about your next great design for our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge? We are too! In February, we challenged you to work with red stretch satin – a fabric many of you had never sewn before. Your entries were amazing! This month of March 2018 the theme is Spring Splash. We are challenging you to make swimwear! […]

Our Logo Bra – part 2

In my last post here, I showed you how we assembled the cups on our logo bra. We got this far along – the constrast colour is inserted into the seaming of the cups. We added a ruffled edge by cutting off a bit of some lace trim, gathering it on the machine, then sewing […]


Our Logo Bra – part 1

I designed our business logo several years ago. I’ve always loved the bra style that I used, even though it is not a style in my pattern line-up. It is a multi-seamed vertical balconette cup with a ruffled upper edge (that’s a mouthful!) I decided that we should have a real-life version of that bra, […]

That Peek-a-boo Bra

For those of you have been following my Facebook page, The Fairy Bra Mother, I recently posted a picture of a red satin bra that garnered quite a bit of attention. A lot of you expressed an interest in learning how to make it. So here now in keeping with our Love Yourself Challenge theme, […]

January Challenge – we have a winner!

I am so pleased to announce in the Ultimate Bra-makers January challenge – we have a winner. (Actually we have 3 winners!) We had a LOT of entries and a hard time making a decision…so we asked you, our wonderful followers and Facebook fans to help us with the decision. Here are the entries, in (more […]

Love Yourself

Hello again, my Fairy Bra Children – are you ready for February? Get thinking about your next great design for our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. This month, we are challenging you to make undergarments using the “Love Yourself” theme. We think the best way to love yourself is to make undergarments that feel luxurious and silky. To us, that […]

How to work with Stretch Satin

Recently, I wrote a Stretch Satin Primer, detailing some tips on choosing and cutting wonderfully luxurious stretch satin. No post on how to work with stretch satin would be complete without some sewing tips. Here are some based on my experience. Stitching Seams You can use a straight stitch if you are sewing in the […]

A Stretch Satin Primer

Stretch Satin is wonderfully luxurious and so silky, it’s almost liquid to the touch! Nothing says sexy like satin! In this tutorial, I want to share with you a Stretch Satin primer, so that you will be able to create luxurious, comfortable, supportive and sexy lingerie. Stretch satin, printed or plain,  is almost always made […]

The Stick and the Straw

Do you turn a lot of tubes? Do you make a lot of tiny spaghetti straps, straps for swimwear or bras? If so, you know the pain that comes from turning fabric tubes right side out. When our sales rep showed us this amazing gadget, I immediately named it “the stick and the straw”. Its real […]

Purple Reigns

This January 2018, Purple reigns supreme! Actually, it’s Ultra-violet that reigns…but I thought Purple Reigns was a nice play on words (apologies to the late Prince). In any case, our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge has officially begun, and what better way to get your bobbins revving, than by picking a colour that most women love already! […]

Colour of the Year

Hello, Bra-makers of the world – are you ready for a great challenge? Fill your bobbins and clear your cutting table for our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. This month, for our kick-off, we are challenging you to make a garment using the Colour of the Year. Every year, the Pantone Colour Institute determines a Colour of […]

Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge

Everyone wants to improve their bra-making skills, right? How can you do that on your own? One way is to challenge yourself each month with a new fabric you’ve never sewn before, or a pattern you’ve never made before. You’ll learn techniques you never thought you could master by making something outside of your comfort […]

Tour of the New Store

We are pleased to announce the re-opening of our Grand New Store on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, Ontario. Your memory is serving you well if you remember that we have been on Ottawa Street for seven years. Our new store is just two doors up the street from our old store, but it is miles […]

Sports Bra Hack

Do you make up a pattern exactly as the pattern instructs? Or are you comfortable with changing…or in today’s terms “hacking” the pattern to create a new look? We took our favourite sports bra pattern, Kerri, and changed it to have the same great support and fit, but as a sports bra hack, it changed the […]

How to make lace edged underwear

Confession time….the problem I have with store-bought underwear is the elastic at the legs. It’s got a stranglehold on my legs it seems, especially when I am sitting at the computer. To express it as a town from an Agatha Christie novel…Much-binding-in-the-groin. Here’s how I solved the problem – by making lace edged underwear. It’s fun and […]

Lingerie, Lace and Latex Tour

How would you like a trip to Europe? Of course, you do! Even better – how would you like a trip that embraces the things you love – like Lingerie, Lace and …(maybe) even Latex? Hmmm? We are offering (in conjunction with Triple M Tours) the tour of a lifetime to cities in Europe known […]


Christmas Mannequin Tree

We needed something special for the display window in our new store. The shop features a window that is easily accessible from inside the store, with an opening large enough to accommodate a display that is almost one metre in diameter.We decided to make a Christmas Mannequin tree. I’ve seen them on Pinterest, and we did […]


Bedazzle it!

Every woman needs a little sparkle now and then. We recently started a project that (quite frankly) needed some help. It started as a plain ivory corset with a hand-sewn lace overlay. It was ok and some people thought it was stunning actually, but to me, honestly, it was ho-hum. Bland, even. That’s when I decided […]

How we made the Crystal Empress

Do you remember snow storms where overnight the world was transformed into a crystal wonderland? We do too! We decided to create a bra that invoked the spirit of a winter wonderland- crisp, clean and lots of bluey-turquoise colour.  I really wanted diamonds in the fabric itself, but apparently, that was too much to ask! But […]

Boob Camp October 2017

We held Boob Camp October 2017 recently and it was a bittersweet time for all of us. It was to be, not only the last Boob Camp in our old building but our last class of the year. We had hoped to be in the new location to have these last few classes, but it […]