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Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge

Everyone wants to improve their bra-making skills, right? How can you do that on your own? One way is to challenge yourself each month with a new fabric you’ve never sewn before, or a pattern you’ve never made before. You’ll learn techniques you never thought you could master by making something outside of your comfort […]

Tour of the New Store

We are pleased to announce the re-opening of our Grand New Store on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, Ontario. Your memory is serving you well if you remember that we have been on Ottawa Street for seven years. Our new store is just two doors up the street from our old store, but it is miles […]

Sports Bra Hack

Do you make up a pattern exactly as the pattern instructs? Or are you comfortable with changing…or in today’s terms “hacking” the pattern to create a new look? We took our favourite sports bra pattern, Kerri, and changed it to have the same great support and fit, but as a sports bra hack, it changed the […]

How to make lace edged underwear

Confession time….the problem I have with store-bought underwear is the elastic at the legs. It’s got a stranglehold on my legs it seems, especially when I am sitting at the computer. To express it as a town from an Agatha Christie novel…Much-binding-in-the-groin. Here’s how I solved the problem – by making lace edged underwear. It’s fun and […]

Lingerie, Lace and Latex Tour

How would you like a trip to Europe? Of course, you do! Even better – how would you like a trip that embraces the things you love – like Lingerie, Lace and …(maybe) even Latex? Hmmm? We are offering (in conjunction with Triple M Tours) the tour of a lifetime to cities in Europe known […]


Christmas Mannequin Tree

We needed something special for the display window in our new store. The shop features a window that is easily accessible from inside the store, with an opening large enough to accommodate a display that is almost one metre in diameter.We decided to make a Christmas Mannequin tree. I’ve seen them on Pinterest, and we did […]


Bedazzle it!

Every woman needs a little sparkle now and then. We recently started a project that (quite frankly) needed some help. It started as a plain ivory corset with a hand-sewn lace overlay. It was ok and some people thought it was stunning actually, but to me, honestly, it was ho-hum. Bland, even. That’s when I decided […]

How we made the Crystal Empress

Do you remember snow storms where overnight the world was transformed into a crystal wonderland? We do too! We decided to create a bra that invoked the spirit of a winter wonderland- crisp, clean and lots of bluey-turquoise colour.  I really wanted diamonds in the fabric itself, but apparently, that was too much to ask! But […]

Boob Camp October 2017

We held Boob Camp October 2017 recently and it was a bittersweet time for all of us. It was to be, not only the last Boob Camp in our old building but our last class of the year. We had hoped to be in the new location to have these last few classes, but it […]

How we made the Spider Bra

A lot of you have commented on our Spider bra we made for Halloween. It’s on our Ashley mannequin in the window of the new store (along with a life-size witch who cackles when folks walk by) A lot of you also asked how we made the spider bra. I didn’t originally intend for this to […]

Boob Camp August 2017

Here we are again as we finish up another one! These are the makes from Boob Camp August 2017. As you know, we always start off making the basic white Classic bra just to perfect the fit. Then we start playing with colours, fabrics and techniques to make some really lovely bras. Here they are: […]


Tale of Two Triangles

Every now and then someone brings in foam cups from a ready to wear swimsuit for us to match up to what we have. Most often we have something very similar if not identical. However recently someone brought in a swimsuit top that had triangle cups but they weren’t like ours. How can that be? […]

10 Commandments of Sewing

Did you ever meet someone with whom you had so many common interests and you bonded right away? That’s how I felt about Joan McKenna on our European Lingerie Tour. Joan teaches college level sewing classes in San Diego (and is now their Program Director!) It wasn’t the first time I had met her – she […]

How to work with Latex

If you have ever wanted to glimpse into a fascinating world of which you know nothing, I strongly suggest you take a class in which you learn how to work with latex. I took such a class recently in Amsterdam, where I went with 19 other ladies (and one gentleman) on the European Lingerie Tour. One […]

The Mother of all Lace Stores

While we were in Amsterdam with the European Lingerie Tour (I wrote posts about each stop in London, Paris and Amsterdam), we made a stop to what must be the Mother of all Lace Stores. Yes, ladies, we went to Kantjeboord, in Amsterdam. I did not include it in my recent post on our travels in […]

European Lingerie Tour Amsterdam

The European Lingerie Tour Amsterdam, hosted by Mrs. Weaver and Triple M Tours had us travel by train to the wonderful city of Amsterdam, where canals and bicycles are the norm. The city is famous for many things and we did our best to see as many of the highlights as we could. I love the houses here, but […]

European Lingerie Tour Paris

On to our second city in the tour – here is the European Lingerie Tour Paris Edition! Along with Mrs. Weaver and our energetic band of 20, we left London and travelled via the “Chunnel” (the train tunnel under the English Channel) then overland to Paris. This trip only took us a surprisingly short 4 hours. […]

European Lingerie Tour London

I just got back from the European Lingerie Tour 2017 hosted by Mrs. Weaver and Triple M Tours and what a time we had! An amazing group of 20 women (and one gentleman) in three iconic cities full of lingerie. We had classes, tours and lots of chocolate! Would you like to come on a virtual tour […]

A Better Shelley Strap Extension

Once you’ve got that first bra under your belt, so to speak, women often turn to the Shelley Bra pattern for their second bra. It’s a great pattern. However the seam join between the power bra and the strap can be bulky. So what do you do then? Some women add a short strap extension […]

Boob Camp February 2017

Recently we finished Boob Camp February 2017, where students come from all over the world to learn bra-making here at Bra-makers Supply in the heart of the fabric district in Hamilton. We had some wonderful students here with us, including one from the Cayman Islands (who brought us some lovely Caribbean Rum Cake!). We also […]


Shamrock Valley

Our lovely Shamrock Valley bra was created using our Shamrock Valley Quartet. If you haven’t used a Quartet as a starter to sew up your own DIY bra, then perhaps this bra will serve as inspiration. There are three unique areas we focused on for this bra. a netting overlay on the cups and frame […]

Mardi Bra Contest Winners

This past week we had our annual Mardi Gras Bra week long festivities!  Lots of fun for everyone here at Bra-makers Supply, including students in our week long Mardi Bra Boob Camp. We are so pleased to announce our Mardi Bra Contest Winners! We chose to run a bra-making contest to get us out of […]

Sexy Strapping

After our recent posts on getting inspired by the Marlies Dekker bras our student showed us, we are ready for some really sexy strapping! Are you? This is the original bra, with leather hardware connectors joining bits of elastic and some wide strapping. Notice the square grommets and leather connectors. This is the back of the […]

Pink Passion

We used our Classic Bra pattern and the Pink passion Quartet to create a stunning Pink passion Bra. Here is the Quartet, which is available with either fuchsia or black findings. We chose the fuchsia findings for our bra. Included in the Quartet is the black poppy lace, black sheer cup lining, fuchsia duoplex and black power […]

Entry Level Marlies

Recently I wrote a post showing a selection of Marlies Dekker bras from ready-to-wear. They were all beautiful bras that a student brought in. I showed that all three styles of the “Marlies” bras could, in fact, be made using our MA style foam cups. I also told you I would take you step-by-step through the […]

Russian Doll Bra Cups

Have you seen a Russian doll – where one fits inside the other? A matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nesting doll  is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. Recently we had a situation where we thought the principle of the Russian Doll might be a good solution for […]

Tying the Knot

It’s the season when love is in the air, and what better tutorial to offer than one that deals with Tying the Knot? Hold on – I’m not talking about getting married! It’s about a vexing little bra-making issue you may have had in the past. Have you ever had a bra where the bridge is […]

Three Bras from One Cup

Are your pre-formed bra cups and the pattern you’ve perfected for them your go-to bra style? Are you looking for a little more excitement to get your sewing mojo going? Do I have a treat for you over the next couple of posts! We will be looking at how to make three bras from one cup style. […]

Inside Men’s Underwear

We’re going inside men’s underwear to have a look at the inner support we have built into the Men’s Underwear pattern from Pin-up Girls. Along the way, we’ll go through the construction steps one-by-one. It is easier than you think to make the man in your life comfortable, supportive underwear. Supportive, you say? Yes, each view in the […]

Boob Camp September 2016

Boob Camp September 2016 is over and we are posting as usual, the Digital fashion Show of the week’s creations. But, let me also show you what else we did this week in our bra-making adventures! Boob Camp week always starts out with the students sewing their first bras on the Monday and Tuesday of the […]