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Our Manly Challenge Entries

Here are our Manly entries for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. Most of you used our Men’s Underwear Pattern, but a few of you also took advantage of our FREE Men’s Tank Top offer. I am sure the men out there are quite happy to be seated in their wonderful new underwear! A couple of men […]

Let the New You Shine Through!

You have almost finished the Ultimate Bra Challenge for this year. It’s been lots of fun and some of you entered each and every month. It’s been a great way to challenge yourself with new skills and sewing outside your comfort zone. You’ve become a whole new sewing maven! You’ve let the new you shine […]

How to Make Professional Binding

I love the look of binding on the edge of a garment. (Not Fold-over Elastic, but proper double folded fabric binding) When I make my own knit tops, I almost always use binding on the neckline. Why? Because I have a lovely industrial cover stitch machine in my sewing room at home. It’s a leftover […]

Breast’s Friends Challenge Entries

October’s Ultimate bra-making Challenge was about being a Breast’s Friend. We asked you to create a bra or a prosthesis for someone who has survived breast conserving surgery. Many of you told us that even though you personally did not know anyone that you could sew for – you still wanted to give this a […]

Support Your Man!

November is known as “Movember” here in Canada.  In Movember, thousands of men join the movement to grow a moustache (also called a “mo”) during the month to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Even men who never wear facial hair, let it grow out for this worthy cause. Support your man in Movember by doing your part […]

A Pocket for Ingrid

One of the things women love about our new Ingrid bra pattern is that it is so versatile. We designed it as an everyday, wireless bra for the larger sizes, but apparently it can be used for much more than that. Women have turned that pattern into a racer-backed sports bra, a bathing suit, and even […]

A Peek Inside a Mastectomy Bra

It wasn’t so many years ago, that mastectomy bras were a lingerie store’s “shameful little secret”, secreted away in a back corner. Linda Crawford of Uplift Custom Bras tells of a client of hers who, once she asked for a mastectomy bra, was quickly “shushed”, then ushered into the basement of the store to see […]


How to Draft a Mastectomy Pocket

October is Breast Cancer Month. Every year, breast cancer claims the life or the well-being of someone we know. Studies indicate that 1 in 4 women are affected by breast cancer in some way. But is there something we can do for those women who have undergone a mastectomy? Yes there is.  We can make […]

Dancing Queen Challenge Entries

We are pleased to present our Ultimate Bra-making Challenge Entries. September’s theme was Dancing Queen, so we challenged you to create dance costumes. Some dance costumes are made from spandex, but others have crinoline and tulle. We wondered how you would rise to the challenge of working with fabrics that you might not have sewn […]

Ruby and the other Jewels

You met Ruhee Rajan of Rubie’s Bras in a previous post, but now it is time to share with you how the bra patterns,  Ruby and the other jewels, Sapphire and Amethyst came to be. In the spring of 2016, Ruhee came in with a molded foam cup bra, wanting to clone it. Apparently Trish, […]

Be a Breast’s Friend!

The alarming statistics show that the life of every woman, young or old is affected by breast cancer in some way. It may be your best friend, your mother, sister or even your daughter. It may even be you. October is Breast Cancer month and I am challenging you to be a Breast’s Friend and sew […]


Why Ruby?

The three newest patterns in the Pin-up Girls collection are Ruby, Sapphire and the soon-to-be-released Amethyst. Since I typically name my patterns after women in my life, and these patterns are clearly named after gemstones, some have asked why Ruby? Get yourself a cup of tea…here’s the story of Ruby… Once upon a time (no […]

Summer Boob Camp

We love Boob Camp, but we especially love Summer Boob Camp. The weather is perfect and we get so inspired by the students that come from around the world to be with us for 5 glorious days. We call that a “sew-cation” but some call it a “play-cation”. Whatever you want to call it, it […]

Dancing Queen!

When I think of September, I think of school starting up again. But for many mothers, it is also the time when Dance School starts again. So what better way to challenge ourselves in September but with a theme of Dancing Queen? I’m going to make this one easier by including all forms of dance; […]


Move the Strap on Ingrid

The Ingrid non-wired bra pattern has quickly become a new favourite among our customers. It fits really well on most women without any alteration. However, women with sloping shoulders or narrow shoulders might need to move the strap.  Here’s how to move the strap on Ingrid so they will be more toward the centre front. The […]


Another Jewel for your Chest

Here’s another jewel for your chest – the ever-so-popular Ruby bra pattern now has a little sister. Introducing the latest in our Jewel Collection – the Sapphire Partial Band Bra Pattern. The Sapphire  must be used with underwires as this is part of the engineering of this lovely bra. Like the Ruby, this pattern features […]

Racer Back Ingrid

If you’ve made our new Ingrid pattern, you will quickly realize that it could easily be adapted to be a sports bra. One thing it lacks however is a back typical of sports bras – a racer back. These backs are often called Y-backs or sports backs, but with slight variation they are all the […]

Your Birthday Suit Challenge Entries

July’s challenge was all about wearing your birthday suit. No, we didn’t want to you to appear naked in this challenge, but as close to it as you are comfortable with! Yes, that’s right, we wanted you to work with sheer fabrics. There are so many sheer fabrics available for bra-making, yet some of you […]

Lacey Days of Summer!

Ah, summer! I remember the song from the 60s…those Lacey Days of Summer….What? Are you saying those were not the words? No matter, our challenge in August is to make intimate apparel from lace. Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, does it? It is when I tell you, you must use TWO laces in the […]

Disco Ingrid!

Our recent non-wired bra pattern Ingrid has had rave reviews from both testers and the first wave of the bra-making public. However, there are still some who are hesitant to try a non-wired bra, saying it might be too”matronly” looking. We made a super sexy Disco Ingrid to show you that the choice of fabrics […]

How to Sew Ingrid

Ingrid is a non-wired support bra from the design team at Pin-up Girls. Together we’ve created a bra pattern with the largest size range on the planet. Ingrid has a lot of pieces, and they all contribute to the engineering of this remarkable bra. Here, then is how to sew Ingrid, so that your sewing […]

Introducing Ingrid

We’ve been asked many times for a pattern for a non-wired bra that would not only support, but flatter the larger bust. A bra that does not rely on underwires for support, and one that could have a front opening, such as a zipper or hook and eye fastening if one so desired. A bra […]

Take Pride Challenge Entries

Our theme for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge this month was Take Pride. We challenged you to use the six rainbow colours of Pride to create your own intimate apparel. You had fun with this challenge! Here are the Take Pride Challenge Entries and what the makers had to say about them. Agi ” This month I’d […]


Sew Simple Bralettes

Recently I was asked to do a book collaboration with Nancy’s Notions. I was thrilled beyond belief as I’d been a fan of hers for over 35 years!. The book would have 32 pages of how to instructions and photos for 6 projects plus a pattern. Sounds easy doesn’t it?…that is, until I asked what the […]

Your Birthday Suit!

When someone suggests to you that you “wear your birthday suit” what do you think they are suggesting? That’s right – they are asking you to get naked! But this challenge is not about that at all  (good heavens…NO!) We are asking you to work with sheer fabrics – so you only appear nude but […]

8 ways to wear a Bralette

Bralettes have become the biggest small thing in the lingerie world.  It’s no wonder – they are super comfortable, easy to wear and easy to make. But did you know how versatile they can be? I recently wrote a book called Sew Simple Bralettes for Nancy’s Notions and to celebrate the launch of this new […]

Take Pride!

In June, we take pride in a group that is often overlooked. That’s people with “other” sexual orientations, including the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual community.  (Honestly, I don’t care who anyone sleeps with, as long as they can sew!) But it also includes those who are transitioning from one gender to another. So this month’s challenge is a […]